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Reducing phone support with a self-serve tracker app

My Axova

Axova AG wanted to reduce the amount of support phone calls that were coming into the office. We created an app that functions as a packet tracker for the solar installation process.

  • Energy Sector
  • Mobile App
  • Business to Client
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Digitalisation
  • Product Strategy

Digitalising the ping test — an age-old method of catching counterfeit coins


Experienced coin collectors are often able to determine if a coin is authentic gold or silver by listening to the sound it produces upon a gentle strike. Pingcoin brings this analog method into the digital realm, and in doing so enhances its accuracy and equips anyone with a smartphone with a counterfeit detection device.

  • Numismatics
  • Mobile App
  • Business to Consumer
  • Product Discovery
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Digitalisation
  • Product Strategy
  • User Research

What we do

Helping you go from idea to a successful app

If you're reading this then chances are you have an idea you want to turn into a software application.

That's fantastic and we here at Pocket Revolutions are excited for you.

Innovation starts with an idea and we want to help bring about a world where it's easier to turn those ideas into successful applications.

The risks involved with creating apps

That being said, going from idea to app, comes with certain challenges. We believe the most helpful way to think of those challenges is to think of them in terms of risks.

Successful digital products tend to be Valuable, Viable, Feasible and Usable. The qualities are essential to success and, as such, also represent 4 distinct types of risks.

Any product team developing a product assumes (implicitly or explicitly) it will somehow mitigate these four risks.

If they fail, the product fails. It's that simple.

High-Precision Thinking & Methodical De-Risking

Our approach hinges on being being honest and explicit about the risks involved in the project. We do this by externalizing our thinking and identifying our assumptions. We make our risks explicit.

After making the risks explicit, we try to methodically de-risk them by coming up with hypotheses and running experiments designed to validate or invalidate those hypotheses.

This way we are able to methodically de-risk our product initiative.

How we work

Making sure the right things get built (Lean) and making sure it gets built right (Agile)

Past work

Let our portfolio of past client projects speak for itself

What we offer

Full-service digital transformation & specific competencies

Our Services

Product Strategy

Making sure you and your team and running in the same direction, and making sure it's the right one.

User Research

Ensure that users love what you want to build, without having to second guess your own interpretations of user interviews.

Innovation Sessions

Invite a second brain (us) into your company to help you and your team generate and evaluate ideas.

Design & Development

Building high quality software that looks and feels amazing.

Product Discovery

Finding new opportunities for successful products.


Uncover how you can leverage technology to streamline your business and gain a competitive advantage?


Product Teardown: Robidog (Dog toilet finder)

This is intended as a friendly, analysis of a public digital product (The Robidog Dog Toilet Finder). The intention of such an analysis is to figure out what we can learn from the execution… Read Article →

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